Garage Door Maintenance 101: Five Things You Need to Know

America loves nothing more than garage doors. That’s why almost 22,700 Americans work as garage door mechanics. You can find garage door installation services and custom garage doors wherever you look. 

But garage door mechanics can’t do everything. Once your door is in place, you need to take some garage door maintenance steps to keep it functioning and beautiful. 

What are some garage door repairs you can make yourself? When should you inspect your door, and how can you check to see that it is functioning? What parts should you keep your eye on? 

Answer these questions and you can have a premium garage door in no time. Here are five tips for garage door maintenance. 

1. Inspect Your Door Every Six Months

It is absolutely essential that you inspect your door multiple times a year. You may experience many garage door problems like broken rollers and loose hardware.

Keep maintenance tools like safety glasses and spare door parts on standby. Every six months, inspect all parts of your door, including the tracks and hinges.

If you have a very old door, you should inspect it every three months or so. After a rainstorm or a windy night, you should also check your door to make sure it is okay. If your door is broken, you should order a garage door replacement.

2. Run Safety Tests

After your inspection, you should run a few tests to see that your door is functioning properly. You can test the balance of your door by disconnecting it from its opener and then lifting it up.

Leave it half-open and see if the door remains in place. If it slides down, you should get garage door services so the balance is corrected. 

If you have a mechanical reverse on your door, you can test it by placing a brick on your floor and activating your door. When it touches the brick, the door should go back up. If it doesn’t, you should call someone for help.

3. Tighten Your Chains

Whenever you hear groaning noises from your chains, you should stop your door and do an inspection. You should then tighten the adjustment bolts around your chain with a wrench until the chain is taut. Add a little garage door lubricant so your chain can move easier.

4. Adjust the Speed of Your Door

When your garage door opens too slowly or too quickly, you need to adjust the tension in your torsion springs. Look at your S-hook to see how your springs are. To make your door faster, you should add tension to your springs. 

5. Clean the Surface of Your Door

Do not spray your garage door with a hose, as you risk damaging your door or peeling the paint off. You can use a microfiber cloth and a cleaner to scrub dust and grime off your door. 

If you notice any holes, you should patch them up with wood filler. You should then paint over them to cover the filler. 

Perform Great Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door maintenance requires a few different steps. You should inspect your door from top to bottom every six months, and you should test it for its safety. 

Keep your eye on how tight your chains and torsion springs are. Tighten them, and add lubricant to your chains so they do not grind against other parts of your door. Avoid damaging your chains while cleaning your door by using a microfiber cloth and a cleaning spray.

When your door is broken, turn to the experts. Dynamic Garage Doors serves the Winchester area. Contact us today.