Garage Door Repair in Menifee – Strut Installation

Here at Dynamic Garage Doors, we know that garage doors suffer a beating from time to time, especially the heavier ones. Their weight can be overwhelming and they need support to keep functioning properly. Is your garage door starting to sag, bend or break? Then you probably need a new strut to support it! If you’re noticing these things, we will come to your rescue! Our Commercial garage door repair in Menifee will come install a new strut to save your door from caving in.

20160225_145637If it is a new strut you need, Dynamic Garage Doors is more than qualified to repair your  garage door. We are currently installing a new strut to a garage door in Menifee, California to reinforce the top section so it does not cave in!

Do you need a new strut for your garage door?

If you see your garage door caving in, it is because the strut is not holding the weight of the panels well enough. The strut is arguably one of the most important components of the garage door. It is one piece of sheet metal that is cut to the same length as the width of your garage door and resides near where the door and the motor connect. It acts as a reinforcement to keep the weight from pressing too heavily on the door panels. While single car garage doors typically do not need struts, heavier garage doors need a strut to prevent the top and middle of the door from bending. A strut helps decrease the possibilities of it sagging or drooping. It keeps it sturdy and stabilized.

It is important that when your garage door looks like it is drooping, you call in for a maintenance check as soon as possible. Having a strong and durable garage door ensures the safety of those going in and out under it. It is frightening, to say the least, to drive and walk under a sagging garage door. We will assess your garage door to see if you need a new garage door installation, garage door repair, or a garage door part.

Dynamic Garage Doors prides ourselves on our highly trained team who is prompt, courteous and professional service. Contact us today at 888-229-3299 for more information on our garage door repair in Murrieta, Temecula Valley, and Menifee areas for Garage Door Repair and strut installation!

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