Crooked Door Repair in Murrieta

Do you have a crooked, sagging or dragging garage door? Dynamic Garage Doors can help readjust your crooked garage door in Murrieta to its former self.

We recently repaired a crooked door in Murrieta, whose cable came off of the right side of the door. This resulted in the left side of the garage door to not be able to close completed, leaving a rather large gap. This type of issue is no problem for Dynamic Garage Doors, and we’ll have your crooked garage door repaired fast and easy! Contact us today at 888-229-3299 to get started with a free estimate!

crooked door

Sagging Garage Door Repair in Murrieta

Dragging, sticking doors, or doors that are crooked and won’t close completely, can have an number of causes:

  • If you live in a newer house, the door hinges of your garage door might have been placed incorrectly
  • The door’s mortise may be either too deep or not deep enough. You can check how deep the mortise is by running a finger along the hinge leaf set into the door. If you notice that the lead isn’t flushed along with the wood, then this could be the issue.
  • New wood also could be susceptible to swelling as well.

If you live in an older home, you have most likely been used to have the door open and close for years without problem. However, door frames in aging homes will tend to settle down as time goes by, and this could case a slightly warped door frame, and possibly loose hinges. We can assess your problem and have it fixed within the day, promptly and professionally!

Contact us today and we can re-adjust your crooked or sagging garage door as soon as possible!

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